Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Silly things for a silly blogger

I was checking my e-mail last week when I stumbled upon something that made my day.

Thank you to April, from twomatthewsers, for sending me this: (!)

Now, she fully disclosed that the practice of awarding another blogger this award is silly.

She even acknowledged that the recipients that she chose might simply want to ignore this 'silly' practice.


It's silly, right?


Just like this:

C'mon. Don't you love a shell with shoes?

Well, I'm silly. And I personally LOVED that she thought highly enough of my silly blog to send this on over!

So I'm taking it, and I'm sending it on!

As a part of this award, I must reveal seven things about myself. A bit of a 'get to know the real me' if you will:

1) I kiss my dog on my lips. Actually, they might be called jowls. Jowls, anyone? That picture is not of Roo. Roo's jowls are much nicer. Sorry, dog.

2) I smell everything.
Food to dog breath, I'm there.

3) I'm not stylish. I live in yoga pants/jeans and basic/solid t's of varying sleeve lengths. I used to own a few pairs of dressier shoes, but Roo chewed them. I was fine with it. My stylish best friend, Meghan, lives in NYC and I put on stylish outfits when she comes home (she knows that I do this). She's tall and sinewy, and would look good in a plastic bag with popcorn stuffed in it. (?)
4) We're currently in a three offer bidding war over a little house ( under 900 square feet ). Everyone who came to look at it with us kept saying how great it was was as a 'starter home'. That's not how we look at it. We like little.
(This isn't it- but how charming is this?!)

5) I grew up without cable television, and I actually can't stand having it. I'm guilty of watching now and then (we get it for free because of where we live), but I cannot wait until we move out and finally eliminate cable. It drives me nuts. Commericals are horrendous.

6) I'm really proud of my brother. He's going to Vanderbilt University to get his PhD on a full scholarship. He probably doesn't LOVE that I throw it around like this, because he's really modest about his accomplishments. But he's not just incredibly smart, he's much more interesting:


7) I'm going back to school for........nursing.  Everyone I tell usually responds by saying how great the pay is with shift work. But the truth is, I have no desire to be a hospital staff nurse. I have a feeling that I will work in a small clinic. I have a feeling that I will make less money than I do as a babysitter (I don't care). Nurses are often seen in the acute care setting, and with the onslaught of medical tv dramas, it's easy to think of nurses as constantly in intense, life or death situations. I'm hoping my days will be filled with taking vitals, talking to people about prevention, and getting to know patients as they grow. Some would say it's boring, but that's what makes the field of nursing so cool. There is a spot for everyone.

Now, onto more pressing matters. I get to GIVE ten awards!

1.To Make Love Stay an open and honest look at married life... colorful tattoos and a beautiful dog, too
2.Along Route 65 latebloomerlikeme(or just on time)
3.lamidge wonderful pet advice, charity etsy shop
4. Away We Go charming, silly, day to day reflections of a young family with two adorable kiddos
5. 20- Something Homemaker young wife/homemaker...lovely little blog
6.My (Newly)Wed Life This is Ana. She's dear. I love her and her blog. I also owe her a guest post that is so long overdue.  She's a brave girl from Brazil.
7. Our Semi Organic Life awesome menu plans, great budget tips, helpful green living tips
8.Life. Faith. Fully. FOOD. (andmore. but the food!)
9.Sun is Shining when you're feeling like life has got you down, come check this out
10. I'm breaking the rules. Can you help me nominate #10? I can't decide....

I'll be sending an e-mail out to the bloggers listed here in a bit...it will have more information in the event that you'd like to play along.
Your friend,
the stylish blogger


  1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for awarding me :) I love you and your blog too! You're such a dear! :)

    And I'm with you on the cable thing. I love that we don't have cable - it actually allows us to have quality time together instead of just sitting on the couch watching TV barely talking to each other.

    And good luck on the house! That's SO exciting!!! :)

  2. Aw, thank you! <3 So sweet! Good luck on the house, how exciting! Is it in Maine?

  3. Emma, you are a doll! Thank you for the award. I feel so honored. :) And yes, getting rid of our cable was the best decision we made last year. I don't miss it one bit.

  4. Haha! This is very cute.
    Love your facts.
    Good luck picking number 10!

  5. Oh that is the cutest house EVER! I hope you get the house your bidding on and I don't think I could live without Cable. I have the TV on even when I am not in the room. I just like the background noise.

  6. P.S That picture of your brother made me laugh soo hard. Is he an owl?

  7. wow! i feel so special=) thanks for the props. good luck with your home!

  8. you are such a goof!! I love this list. I grew up without cable too, and even though we don't have a TV, we've both gotten addicted to hulu.com : )

    & we don't want a big house either. I feel like it would be so... empty. A big lot? sure! but a second living room?! ...no thanks.

    I think it's really cool that you're going back to school. Nurses are the bomb dot com. Seriously. You have to be an amazing, amazing person to choose that as your profession <3

  9. haha, you and i are TOTAL opposites (though of course i think my brothers are incredibly awesome as well).

    but seriously, you are like the daughter my mother wishes she had (and she's a nurse too!)


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