Wednesday, June 1, 2011

sun tea and crocs

Starbucks is expensive.

But. I like it.

But it's expensive.

Also, I look fantastic carrying around the to-go cup. Don't you?

(That's me!)

My favorite drink is the iced passion tea. Target had a sale on Tazo tea, so I scooped up three boxes at 2.09 each.

Four tea bags... a bit of sun

= cheap iced passion tea. (don't forget the ice and the sweetener.)

Also, in the privacy of my own home, I don crocs:

Stay cool! I'm back to the books! (Roo as well)

also, that was not me with the starbucks cup.


  1. a. awesome photo of you - is that really you? b. I have a box of that tazo tea as well! I've never thought to make that - I know what I'll be doing tonight!

  2. I love Passion tea! It's always at least 3.99 at our grocery store so I never buy it but for 2.09, I might just need to run by Target and grab some. Thanks for the heads up. :) p.s. great idea about setting it out in the sun!

  3. @Robin, Unfortunately, I'm not that cool looking :). I put the honest disclosure at the bottom, that's Jessica Alba. She was the first thing to come up when I googled ''celeb carrying starbucks" ! Enjoy the tea!

    @Urban Wife, I got it quite a while ago, but they do run sales on the tea pretty often! I think it's usually 3.49 at Target- at Whole Foods it's at least 4.99...ick!

  4. that photo of you is like one we would see in people mag of a celeb!!! you must be a rock star

  5. it's Jessica Alba...:) I put the disclosure at the bottom....maybe I should make it bigger. :)


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