About 'She Got Married'

Thanks for stopping by my little blog! I'm Emma and I am married to my high school sweetheart, Brett. I got married at the tender age of 20- and I'm about to turn 24. (I put this in because sometimes I spend an unreasonably long time trying to figure out ages and when people got married. No rhyme or reason, I just like to know. So if you're with me, there y'go.) 

WE-We live in New Hampshire in our TINY house on the lake. It's a labor of love for sure. As in, he must really love me because I told him I'd paint the tiny 8 x 4 office, but it turned into - I drank a glass of red wine and chortled out disney theme songs while I worked  sat. And he never told me to stop. And it was a really dark color. 

See? Love.

Me-I work as a LPN with the elderly. I truly LOVE (seriously) what I get to do, but that doesn't change the fact that it can get pretty stressful. So this here blog is good bit of distraction that helps me to unwind. Still in school very part time, hoping to get the *RN* after my name sometime in 2015.

He-He's a CARPENTER. I love saying this because I'm a proud wife who just happens to think that this is a pretty cool job to have. His hands are all rough and manly, and I'm pretty partial to those types of hands on a man. Y'know? 

Not only are his hands rough, he's good. As in, all of my crazy pinterest/HGTV/came-to-me-in-a-dream ideas would not happen if it weren't for him. My mudroom is cool. Look around the blog for proof. Thanks to him.

ME- I'm basically a modern day Laura Ingalls Wilder with serious limitations.I love to cook and bake bread(hate dishes and I can never wait for the loaf to cool before I cut/rip in), I love vegetable gardening (spiders make me scream), lumberjacking (lasted one day), etc.

Also, I love to hike...to slog...to walk my dog...yoga...so many things. Just stick around, you'll see. 

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