Thursday, June 2, 2011

Grubby Hands, Gardens, and Food Blogging

Can I just give a quick pat on the back to food bloggers?
To post a recipe with pictures that go along with the directions takes....forever.
I don't do the Eating Well series every single week because I'd rather be posting more original pictures and fresh new  recipes. This week I have some really cool new recipes that I can't wait to share. But I cannot promise that there will be original photography because...
...I usually eat the food before I have a chance to set everything up for pretty pictures.
(Those really are my dishes from yesterday's lunch. I had BBQ  seitan, black bean and sweet corn salad, and yogurt with berries. It was lip smackin' delish)
 I'll be sharing those recipes this weekend.

I also would like to toot my garden horn. We haven't bought boxed lettuce since the start of May (Olivia, you are one pricey organic sonnuvagun. $4.49 for a big box that costs me less than 10 cents  to grow! Shame, shame!) Here are my baby greens:

And our zucchini and summer squash mounds that Brett is forgetting to weed:

I love being out there. Pulling out weeds and getting dirt underneath my nails is pretty satisfying. I feel like Laura. (However- I do struggle get hysterical when the occasional spider pops out at me from behind a leaf of lettuce.That's usually when I call it a day for gardening.) But then I get to go inside and wash my hands in the cool air conditioned apartment, and Laura is still running around looking for a stream in her sweaty layers of skirts and petticoats.

If you're looking to start a garden but lack space, check out this post from Carmen. It's quite helpful and will help you to save money on your food bill.

Enjoy the sun!


  1. I'm SO jealous! I planted cilantro, parsley, basil... still waiting for them to grow! I wish I had space to plant lettuce and bigger things like that!!

    xoxo, Ana

  2. Aw, thanks for the link shout-out! I just finished checking on my own little garden and I've got some teensy tiny green beans growing, which I'm excited about. We'll soon be harvesting our lettuce, too!

    I also agree about the food photgraphy. Which is why I usually only post "after" photos. The whole process is difficult, especially when I have to take 5 takes for every shot just to try to get the lighting decent. Bah! ;)

  3. thanks for the container garden link!! definitely doing that this week : )


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