Friday, July 1, 2011

Getting Ahead of Myself

A while back, I posted about how I needed to work on living in the present.

like enjoying moments like this. seriously. my dog and cat friends are like the best thing in the world.

But since I'm human, I may as well be honest.

I spent one hour (?) today (at 5 am, so it's almost completely fine since a lot of people are still sleeping) pulling photographs from the internet of decorated rooms that make me feel extraordinarily wonderful and squealish.

It's justified, because I just finished my human growth and development class after spending hours reading and reading and reading and reading and writing.(I got an A. So. Even more reason.) It may also be justified because I may get to actually decorate new rooms in the near future. What's that I say?

So it was my reward. And I will now share my findings with you.


Vintage Sassy kitchen after


Subway tile, you're great. No matter how y'spin it.


nurseries - yellow Jenny Lind crib pink green crib bedding white bookcase pink crystal chandelier turquoise blue walls paint color nursery  Norah's

Minus the fancy chandelier. I promise you that we're not having a baby. But I (like April) am wooed by baby things that really aren't accurate indicators of whether or not it's the right time to have a baby. For now, I will stumble (accidentally?) upon nurseries and tuck them into a folder for when the time does come.

Uh. Weird. That looks similar to our bedroom. Gosh. I'm so inventive. Can't believe HGTV liked my idea. Flattered. (Ok. Obviously I copied. I love this room, and I couldn't do such an amazing job because a) I hate to sew and b) that rug is like a gazillion dollars and c) we don't own our apartment so we can't make all the decisions. I think it's the perfect masculine/feminine room and I will carry the design with us when we move out so I can do it more justice by copying it even better.

Living Room
(Ok. I know that this is NOT a living room, but I love the colors. And I have that Dash and Albert rug, so even better!


I have a thing for Dash & Albert rugs. The regular Emma would think that they're expensive, but I love them because they're Roo proof. She ruins anything that might appear nubbly. 

So yes. These rooms make my giddy. But the truth is, things cost money, and sometimes money needs to be put elsewhere. So I may not live in a colorful blast of excitement immediately- but eventually with a bit of DIY know-how and the all important carpenter husband, we'll get there.


  1. Funn!!! You have a definite color scheme going on there, lady : )

    Those rugs are awesome! & I love, love, love that your dog & cat are buddies. awwww.

  2. haha one hour is def not bad, and why in the world were you up that early. lol. Anyways, great picks!

  3. i can totally relate to this!! i just finished school and started thinking i wanted a place to decorate...enter house hunt soon, after the wedding in two weeks, gahh

  4. @April- Well. See. Melon doesn't like Roo. That was just a rare moment. I wish they were buddies.
    @Suzzie- I'm up super early because the mistah gets up early for work and ... it's just easier. Everyone thinks we're crazy but I get so much down in the early hours (unless I'm looking at home decor/design) because I'm not fully awake and I don't realize what I'm doing. But thanks!!
    @Laura- Eee! That's so exciting, congratulations! I'll have to go check out your blog!


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