Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Right Here, Right Now

I'm a planner. I look at pictures of what I want my someday entryway (?!) to look like. I drool over country picnic weddings in anticipation for our five-year-mini-party/vow-renewal-get-together (something like that).  

I look at jobs I'm not yet qualified for. I'm always putting myself five years down the road.

And I need to stop.

Seven years ago, I was a 15 year old high school student.

And today, I'm a 22 year old, married with dog.

Time really does fly.

So I will put down the cottage living magazine. I'll wait until we're married for five years before I plan any parties. And I'll try and remember to always soak in what is right here, right now.


  1. Oh Emma, I feel the same way. Especially because Chad is older. He's got 9 years of experience, 9 years of raises, and 9 more years of..well, everything.
    Sometimes I forget what I should be doing today and spend all my time thinking about tomorrow.
    Today, however, I'm on my couch, eating oatmeal with squash and walnuts and dried cranberries (there's been a part of you in my fridge/tummy/whatever sounds less creepy) allowing myself to live in today. Tomorrow's agenda can wait.

  2. Oh my dear, that's always me. This post is supposed to help remind me to stop looking at pretty pictures and start doing NOW. I'm so glad you like my crazy food mixtures. And no, not creepy at all :)

  3. There's nothing wrong with looking ahead and planning AS LONG as you're living in the moment too. If you want to work toward something you have to plan but I get your point....and it's a good one=) We are always wanting to get to the next big step like turning 16 or 21, wanting to hurry up and be married instead of enjoying being engaged and so on. It's easy to get ahead of ourselves. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Kelli, so true! (which is why I snuck the pictures that I drool over in ;) ) Thanks the comment! :) Emma


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