Wednesday, May 11, 2011

She Got Married, Too: Caitlin

I love reading about other couples. I love getting a
sneak peak into their lives and seeing how they make their situation work. Some would say that I'm nosy. Which I'm fine with. Because enough people were open enough to take me up on this guest poster series and answer with honesty, heart, and humor.
Enjoy :)

Names: Caitlin and Rob

Ages: (Almost) 25 and (Almost) 26

I live in: Wilton, Maine

Do you blog? (Where can we find you?) About what? I do blog over at and I write about clothes, tattoos, life, and whatever else I see and love.

What do YOU do? I am a software consultant. I travel to colleges and universities all over the country and teach staff, faculty and students how to use a campus management software that my company works with. On the side, I do a bit of semi-amateur-pro photography (weddings, family, engagement shoots, etc.). You can find my Facebook page at

What does HE/SHE do? My husband is an Army veteran who got out of the Army in April 2008 and is currently a junior in college studying Environmental Science.

How long have you been married? We’ve been married for around 9 months, together for a little over 8 years.

How did you meet?We went to high school together and met in 2002 through a mutual friend. We’ve been together consistently for the last 8 years through college, the Army, deployments, and study abroad – it’s been a pretty crazy road so far!

What do you argue about the most? We don’t have any serious arguments as we generally have similar beliefs on the big-ticket items (money, kids, religion, politics) but sometimes I get cranky in the winter and he gets cranky in the summer, so our fights will stem from miscommunication and general crankiness.

Do you have kids? If not, are you planning on them anytime soon? No kids yet, maybe within the next 5 years or so.

No kids? Dogs? Cats? They count. Names? We have a beautiful dog named Cypress who is the prettiest, loveliest, most amazing dog ever. She’s some sort of husky mix.

Who cooks the most? My husband does a lot of the cooking. I supervise and assist, but he does most of the grunt work.

Who cleans the most? Depends on the cleaning type. I sweep, vacuum and organize, my husband cleans the bathroom and kitchen like a madman.

Where do you see yourselves in five years? Still married of course We’ll probably leave Maine once Rob graduates next year because of the lack of jobs, but we have no idea where exactly we’ll end up. My guess is we’ll have kids and great jobs, though I’m hoping to be able to stay home once we have children.

If you could give an engaged couple any advice (assuming they asked for it), what would it be?
Make sure the person you’re marrying is your best friend. Don’t listen to anyone else’s opinions; as long as you’re happy everything will go just fine. This goes for your wedding and for life in general.

I was supposed to post Caitlin's post last week, but ...I'm behind, so here she is! She's yet another example of the really cool people you can meet as a blogger. Also-Cypress is quite beautiful and she wants to be friends with my Roo, I think.

They ALSO got married!:


  1. Yayyy! And Cypress most definitely *DOES* want to be friends with your beast :)

  2. Oh fun! I would totally do this guest posting thing.

  3. I definitely agree about the advice you give. Listening to others is the worst thing ever. If I had done that, I probably wouldn't even be with my husband. P.S. I loveee husky's. =]

  4. How funny, I just found her blog a couple days ago! Such a cute couple, and I'm so stinkin' jealous of their gorgeous dog.

  5. Emma,
    I LOVE these "She Got Married, Too" posts. What a cute idea! It sure is fun to read about other couples out there since we're all trying to accomplish the same thing!

    Your blog is very cute. Glad I found it.

  6. April, I love Cypress too... I want to steal her.

    Drea, I'm so glad! I'm going to send you the form today- I would love to hear/share your story! Thanks for stopping by!


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