Monday, May 9, 2011

Eating Well on Sixty: 5/5-5/12

I could easily spend an entire paycheck at the store each week. Sometimes I make excuses to go to Whole Foods when I really don't need to. Luckily, Brett is quite good at knowing when we really do need to, and when I'm just having WF hallucinations. (That alone probably saves us close to $1000 each year).But now that new school bills are looming in the very near future, it's time to get serious. And since I couldn't find many $60 meal plans that were healthy, delicious and vegetarian, I decided that I would create my own. Armed with three $20 bills, we will eat. And we will eat well.

I've been missing. In all fairness, it's been crazy. I'm starting school (again) in TWO weeks, so I've been trying to get everything in order and ready.

This week, we spent $70. Last week we spent $65, and the week before that we spent $44. So- we're right on target. Also, I have a confession. Whenever we have ''extra'' money leftover from our budget (be it an side job or extra hours or whatever), we usually spend the money on food things. Not stuff we NEED, but stuff we like. For example, this week, we spent an extra $30 on extra jars of our favorite organic peanut butter, some flowers, and some ridiculouslygood soy cherry chocolate chip ice cream. But, this menu IS based around our grocery list, meaning you can do it for $60.  

-egg white scramble with tomato and  basil, english muffin
-oatmeal with raisins and walnuts, egg white omelet
-toast with peanut butter and fruit


Most days, leftovers from dinner will be eaten the next day as lunch. Other days, these are what I rotate in:
-baby green salad with green peppers, tofu
-tofurkey deli slices (buy on sale and freeze! this is a treat!) on homemade rustic bread, fruit, slice of cheese, carrots or celery

-Veggie Paella (Delicious as leftovers- a nice change from our usual pizza on Friday. The recipe is from THIS book that I got on clearance for $2 @ Barnes & Noble)
Spring Vegetable Paella

-Pizza (to celebrate my Mawma's 50th birthday!)

-Spaghetti squash with spicy peanut sauce (I got this recipe from THIS book, and I love it. Brett loved this as well, so it's big-guy approved.)

-BBQ tofu with cauliflower au gratin, cucumuber sticks, and salad

-Pasta with salad

-Tempeh walnut salad with lime and cilantro, rustic bread

-Spicy quinoa stuffed peppers, potato coins, and salad (This recipe is taken from Moosewood Classics. I've been using this book a lot, and I've renewed it quite a few times from the library. Maybe I should find myself one for keeps.)

-popcorn with parmesan cheese and spices
-greek yogurt with grapes
-mini smoothies with frozen fruit

Last Week (There's a missing week. I was sick.)

I love you for reading, eat well this week!


  1. I'm glad you're back; I was actually starting to consider emailing you to see if you were in the hospital or something! haha : )

    going to have to try that spaghetti squash recipe this week. Sounds awesome!

  2. GEez I be more like you! This week we spent $140 on groceries! Im glad you found my blog. I am officially your newest follower :)

  3. @April. Aww. You made my blogging heart all warm and fuzzy. I'm glad to be back, and YES! Try the recipe, I promise that it's tasty.

    @Delainey- I could so spend $140. I would LOVE to spend that. In fact...I used to- and I'm pretty sure that once we pay off more debt, I'll be spending extra money on food and not on vacations. I love food shopping a bit too much.


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