Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sick Blog: Ice Packs, Steve Carell, and a Tiara.

Since last Saturday, I haven't really left this house/yard. I think that my walking pneumonia is creeping back up on me, and I'm literally guzzling water and tea by the gallon. So, I'm sitting here with a tattered piece of paper on the cork board to my right- a piece of paper with lots of wonderful blogging ideas that have come to me throughout the past few month... but I'm too BLAH to act on any of them at the moment.
Not only do I want this dog, but I'm really liking the ice pack. Mines blue.

Tonight, I plan on making another orange juice soy shake for myself, curling up and watching the Office. And I must tell you- I am rather emotional about the Office, what with Michael leaving and all, so I will also likely be crying this evening.

I'm tearing up. I'm thinking about the Dundees. And the fact that they sang him the 525,600 minutes song. But with different numbers.

Also, since being sick means that I watch TV ,( I never watch TV. I actually hate that I'm watching TV. But there's nothing else to do. And reading just doesn't work when I'm sick) I watched Maid in Manhattan today on some network. And there were ads on about the royal wedding. And I've officially gone from not caring to being wooed into the whole ordeal. So. I will watch. With tea.

In other news, there's a huge spider staying in our bedroom, which means I have been sleeping on the couch. It's not ideal, but neither is THIS creeping around your toes.
Normally, Brett would be here to capture him and put him (spiders are always male) outdoors, but alas- he is out in New York working a job. Reason #23989 why I miss my husband.

That's him. I was worried you wouldn't click on the link, and I didn't want you getting away. This picture makes him look much less terrifying than he actually is, just in case you were thinking that I was being a big baby.

That's all.  Check out 'Blogs I Love' for some healthy blogs. I'll be back as soon as I feel better.


  1. poor thing! I hope you feel better soon. & I love that you're watching the wedding with tea : )

  2. Ew ew ew on the spider! So sorry you're feeling sick...hope you get to feeling better soon :( And I totally teared up at Steven Carell's song too...I might just cry tonight!

  3. uggghhhh i always find spiders lurking around our apartment... all i have to do is stare at it until Sean notices, he rolls his eyes, and takes care of it. Thank goodness for them.

  4. I hope you get to feeling better soon! My cure-all is watching some random season of FRIENDS - I own all 10 seasons thanks to my GTB :) They always make me feel a little bit better, even if I'm still sick.

  5. @April- Thanks love. I did watch, complete with peach tea!

    @Caitlin-Thank you <3- Yes, that song was...too much. And last night, when he took off his microphone- that's when I lost it a bit.

    @Ashli- BLEGH! Brett's not super fond of spiders either. And he esp doesn't like that I would prefer he let them live. (seriously. I'm crazy). So he has a hard time capturing them in jars, sliding a piece of paper underneath, and then bringing them outdoors. He's a real trooper. They're wonderful to have. <3

    @Angie- Thank you!! <3, I really wouldn't mind watching TV but it's sooo nice out! I'm itching to get outdoors. I feel like a hermit. :(

  6. Hi dear,
    feel better soon! I'm kinda sick too. And it's so nice out.
    I also planned to watch the royal wedding with a tiara and tea. But I don't know where my tiara is and it was too early to make tea :)
    I hope you get better soon! Have a nice weekend! :)

  7. Hope you're feeling better by now! The Office was so sad! I hope it doesn't suck anymore. And that spider looks pretty darn scary to me!

  8. Ana- thank you! I hope you're all better by now as well! xo
    Ashley- Thank you! I really was. And the last episode wasn't horrible, but it was really hard seeing the intro without Michael. Ah. Life is hard.

  9. How are they all male? I hate spiders.


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