Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good Things Thursday: Spring Cleaning

A few years ago, when I would go shopping, I wouldn't really think twice about the product I was about to buy. Price was usually the deciding factor, regardless of its true cost. Good Things Thursday is meant to share products that I actually own and enjoy, and that are also made with a touch more quality/conscience/integrity behind them.

This thing gets all the muck off our pots and pans, and it's super durable.

This stuff is seriously ALL PURPOSE. I do not use anything other than this, and one bottle lasts forever. You dilute it down, and you can use it to clean almost anything. Get ready for a ridiculously cheesy claim: This scent actually makes me look forward to wiping down the kitchen surfaces. I LOVE Mrs. Meyers' products.

After cleaning for an hour, my hands can get kinda gross. These natural soaps are our favorites.

If you do decide to try any of these products, please consider purchasing through my aStore. Each product is linked directly to my aStore, and there is also a mini version of it in my sidebar. If you go through the aStore, I do receive a small kickback.

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