Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chocolate or Bread?

I'd rather eat bread. I don't crave chocolate or salty snacks. I always did find it silly when I'd hear people moan and groan about their cravings for chocolate- ''Augh. I'm dying for a piece of chocolate''.  I hope the chocoholics aren't taking offense...I just never understood it.  Given the choice between chocolate and bread, I would prefer to take the bread and do some serious damage. Preferably on the couch, in my pajamas, with a tub of margarine. Maybe even some tomato basil soup.

I crave bread. Good bread. I'll take it with butter. Olive oil. Peanut Butter. Jam. Plain. I'll take it any which way you can spin it.

I don't love preservatives. I don't like words I cannot pronounce or define (maltotriribodioxyhelium may be lurking in your bread. Probably not. I made it up in my science lab). And! I especially don't like that someone, somewhere, felt compelled to invent white wheat bread. What?!

So why has a self proclaimed Laura-Ingalls-Wannabe like myself continued to purchase mass produced loaves of bread each week?

I'll tell you why.

I get a little frustrated around recipes and measuring cups. I often find myself underestimating the importance of sticking to the amounts called for.  And as for active-dry-rapid-instant-determined yeast? Well. That's just a whole separate issue with me.

It's much easier to throw the loaf in your cart, you see.
And so I do.

But that's no way for a someday homesteader to think. Not in the slightest.

So this week, I said 'hello' to unbleached bread flour, and resisted the pull of the bread aisle.

....And this is what happened:

That's right folks. That's homemade bread. And, if you've been reading, you will remember that I kept my promise to myself by baking something. ( See post regarding my patience and home skills.)

Brett and I devoured two out of the three loaves this weekend...they're incredible. I used this recipe : Simple Whole Wheat Bread. Try it. You will not be disappointed.

I am officially hooked, and will most likely be making 75% of our bread from now on. It's worth it in every way.

I only wish I could figure out a way to befriend King Arthur and get a better deal on flour.



  1. Hey Emma! I read about white wheat in one of my classes this semester. It's actually just an albino variety of wheat. It provides the same nutrients and fiber of a whole grain, but it has a light color and natural sweetness. It's pretty awesome. Matt and I make pizza dough with it.

    Also, that bread you made looks incredible.:)

  2. Really!? Well. I will have to remove the foot from the mouth as I thank you. I did see a bag of naturally white organic flour today and I wondered. So there we go. Thank you deah.

  3. Emma,

    I love your writing. Nice photo of the bread, too. It looks really tasty. Yum!


  4. Thank you!!!!!!!! I appreciate this. A lot. I'll save you some bread.

  5. I deff agree with you there! give me bread over chocolate anyday! :D

  6. Team Bread! Do you ever make your own???


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