Monday, November 22, 2010

She Got Married?

I think it's time for this post... yes. I think it is.

I married my highschool sweetheart. A year later, I started blogging to document this silly little life. Here's how it came to be:

My parents divorced when I was five. Both were remarried within five (?) years. I had an incredibly difficult time adjusting to each of their new spouses. I was pouty and defiant and stubborn. I was sad. At that age, I didn't really care why they weren't happy with one another...I just cared that they couldn't be my Mom and Dad- together, under one roof.

As I got older, I formed this mindset that marriage wasn't really something that I was interested in. Of course the fairytale version tempted me. But I knew better. I knew the reality of sharing a life together. I knew it was old fashioned. I knew it didn't fit my modern ambitions or the image of what my grown-up self would be.

The truth is, I was scared. The idea of making a commitment like marriage to someone with the possibility of it ending in divorce was just too much. So. I told anyone who asked that I would never get married. I was a saucy independent girl, after all. I bought my own car, crib, rock, etc.

This is Coco Chanel, apparently. And...I was hoping to find that she never married, so it would be appropriate for this post. And that is just what I found! She never married. So it's very fitting for our purposes. Thanks to for this image 


Then I saw him.

Then I changed.

Then I grew up a bit. (Just a bit)

Then I married him.

And now, here I am, writing this story on a blog. And I'm still growing up. And that will never stop. But something that I've learned to do is admit when I'm wrong  (I'm still working on it). And today, I must admit that I was wrong in thinking that marriage was not for me. It truly is. I love it. I have a husband. He's great. It's a beautiful thing to have someone grow with you. It's a wonder that he's still here after he found out that I'm sometimes a touch bossy.

But before I go off in another direction...

I got married.
And so ''She Got Married'' was a perfect name for this little blog. Apparently, a few people from high school were surprised (shocked. alarmed, possibly bewildered)  when they heard that I had gotten married. There's even a facebook picture from our wedding with a comment underneath that reads, ''EMMA GOT MARRIED??!!?!!'' (I had gotten ''most likely to be famous", "most likely to get away with something", "most likely to be M.I.A" for my highschool superlatives...not exactly the image of a girl ready to head down the aisle, let alone at the age of 20).

But down the aisle I headed. I'm not famous. I get away with lots of things. And yes, sometimes I am M.I.A if the occasion calls for it. But as for marriage, I'm here to stay. It fits me wonderfully.

So welcome to my life, and to my blog. I hope that you'll find something you like and come back again.

Lots of Love,

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  1. And now I'm addicted. I'm so glad I found your blog and love reading it. I remember going through many of these steps with you in our younger life.
    I'm so happy you're so happy!


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