Saturday, October 23, 2010

Laura Ingalls Wannabe

     Ever since reading the LHOTP series when I was younger, I've always wanted to have  my own Little House life. I loved the thought of being completely self-reliant (although I couldn't exactly articulate it that way when I was six), and that most everything they needed was right there with them. 

     I wanted it all. I wanted the dresses, the aprons, the petticoats, the molasses cookies, the homemade this and that, the barn, the trips to town, everything. I dressed up with long skirts and layers, and created this little world in our house and in our yard that was almost suitable for Laura herself.  I tried with all the convincing I could to get my best friend to go along and become an Ingalls with me (No luck there). And, to be completely upfront with my small audience, I even wrote in my journal with a voice from the 1870's. (It's hidden in the top drawer of my dresser. And let's just say that it's more than entertaining to read. I don't have the guts to quote myself.) 

     Now, almost sixteen years later, I can safely say that I still have that craving for that Little House life.  However, I've slightly (okay, more than slightly) modernized my dream by sticking with electricity and running water. ( Those are definites. I like that stuff. ) But other than that, I would love to buy a piece of land and have a small community of friends where we build our own homes and grow most of our own food. (Each year I get slightly better at gardening...our raised beds got bigger this year, so we'll take that as a step in the right direction. Next year, I hope to actually keep the weeds down.)

     So at this point, I'm not sure that Laura would entirely approve of my garden keeping and Little House skills in general. She would, however, give me the thumbs up on my homemade laundry detergent. (Ignoring the fact that I rely on a washer and dryer to get my clothes clean. If we lived in our own house, we would have plenty of clothesline to eliminate the need for a dryer).

    Eventually, I hope to be living the modern homestead lifestyle that would make Laura proud. Until that day, I'll catch up on some re-runs of Little House on the Hallmark channel.

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