Thursday, December 6, 2012

What Wife Wore: The Great North

oh hey, it's me. i could explain where i've been and what i've been doing, but that takes time and i'd rather just jump back in. no promises, just a jump. because it's my blog and i guess i'm allowed to jump whenever i want to.

and here we go.

so one of my BEST friends moved back to the states from portugal. and today we chatted on the phone as though she never left my side, and it was good. and we talked about how strange selfies were. you know, the mirror shot. strange for US, really. 

because- there's absolutely no way i could spin a mirror picture of myself into looking cool, because i'm not.

i don't look cool, i wear baggy soft clothes to work (the ability to wear scrubs DID factor into my career choice), and when i'm at home, i wear simple things. and today, when i thought about this- i looked down at what i was wearing, and i thought-


it's time for my first selfie.

there she is, in all her glory. my first selfie outfit post. that's what i wear. in all fairness, it's cold up in NH- hence the doubled up socks. and i did have boots on when i was out running errands/bringing hubs his sweatshirt. 

my photoshoot went like this:

testing...testing: precariously teetering on my toilet to reach mirror height

foot up? 

nah, we'll stick with the irish jig

so hello again! thanks for sticking around, folks. if you're here.;) 

i'm going to make some Christmas bread i found on pinterest. i'll bring my camera along and show y'guys later! who knows!?



  1. You are hilarious. And hi! Nice to read ya again. :)

  2. Freakin' adorable as always. You just jump in whenever you feel like it, I'm not going anywhere ; )

    1. thanks April : ) should know I'm always checking for more posts..your birth story is bookmarked for tough hippie no med birth inspiration.

  3. Oh my gosh, best pose ever!


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