Saturday, December 8, 2012

Quit Throwin' My Wheels Off!

i'm really in love with my brett, even if he leaves wet towels on the bed. or if he brings one of the white crate and barrel mugs (instead of a travel mug) to work, because i'm convinced that one day as he struggles to carry everything inside, one will fall and break. which it did. even when we're in the car and he starts drumming really hard on my steering wheel- which in my mind is the definite cause for throwing my alignment off. (it is, probably. right?) 


and i'm sure he'd say that he loves me, even though when i wash the dishes, i leave the huge knives pointing up rather than down.  
i like to know where my knives are, you know? 

(if i put on my logic cap, he's probably right)

i'll flip the knife around today. 

if i remember.

i'm glad he loves my irrational finicky self. if he bangs on my steering wheel today while we get our tree, i'll keep my mouth shut. maybe.
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