Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tiny Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Part of getting into the spirit for me is spiffin' up my digs. I like it when my home feels how I feel. And this year, I feel pretty darn great, and Christmastime makes me giddy.

So I googled how to make a lazypants no-sew fabric bow, found an old glue gun covered with gunk and cat hair somewhere in my garage, searched for a tiny twig of a tree ( we got laughed at- really), picked up a basic wreath and small ornaments, bought some soap that smells like pure tree joy (that's a real thing) and dug around my house for fabric and ribbon scraps. 

And then...I play this 

over, and over, and over- again and again. 

I have this image of me playing the guitar and Brett playing something else and having six kids (not sure if they'll all be mine) and four dogs (all mine) and singing this round a fire with cocoa (cocoa afterwards?) as part of a tradition. Doesn't that sound good? It does.


And then, I must send a card out to top it all off to help spread the cheer. I can't show  you this year's card might reduce the cheer that hasn't yet reached our family and friends. But this is our 2010 card. do you do?


  1. Your tree is precious and the wreath looks fab! We usually get a tree but this year since we'll be traveling it didn't make much sense. Otherwise there isn't too much I decorate. All I really need is cold weather and Christmas music. Haha.

    1. Thank you! I completely agree about the weather and music. That really does do the trick!

  2. Oh your house looks lovely! We have the tradition of putting our tree together, getting all the ornaments, talk about the story of each of them, watch a Christmas movie, bake cookies, have hot chocolate... It doesn't always happen like that, but we do try!


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