Friday, October 21, 2011

Honestly Beautiful

Over the course of my blog reading career, I've come across countless beautiful pictures of gorgeous homes. I've found myself in envy.

I've also come across blog entries (2, to be exact) where the blogger balances out that widespread perfection with the beauty of reality. I always appreciated those two entries, and I feel like now that we have our own home, it's my turn to toss in a few real pictures.

Since we've updated our house, I've only posted pretty pictures. I've had such encouraging, positive comments; ''OMGOSH EMMA, GORGEOUS!'' or ''I am going to move in with you''. Sure, they make my day, but there are also comments that remind me of what I'm NOT trying to do...which is to create envy in anyone. 

If anything, I want to INSPIRE or ENCOURAGE others to learn skills so that they can create cozy, beautiful homes on a budget themselves. Our DIY/how-to posts haven't really started yet, but they will. Don't you worry. (Tile work is coming!)

The three rooms that we have put the most effort into are beautiful (to me!) , but they were a lot of work. Because I'm blessed to have my carpentry savvy husband, we didn't need to shell out ridiculous sums  of money to pay people to do the work for us. With that being said, the work is still not done, and I think I speak for many DIY-ers when I say that it seems like an endless project. But I like it that way, because it's exciting. 

So here's my home, folks:
We don't have everything picked out or painted- except for the walls. This is our living room! Have a seat!

Gotta fix this nonsense.

 Need trim around shower tiling. Not sure what we're going to use yet.
drywall without mud, tape, or paint

oh gosh, a WHOLE room needing a good tear out and makeover

the porch that needs to be gutted, insulated, and worked with

where our entryway will eventually be


Our master closet that we built by taking a chunk out of the front porch. Some day I'll get a floor plan up here.
trim is silly. Just kidding, we'll get around to it

Baseboards are also silly.

The beautiful entryway off the kitchen.

I just wanted to share. I'm sure people who expressed envy might be changing their minds at this point. It's A LOT of work, but it's so worth it. To be able to say that we did this: pretty satisfying. 

If you're looking into buying a fixer upper, or would like to share some REAL pictures...or before/afters....I would (as always) love, love, love to see them. 

Have a beautiful day!



  1. love your house! it is great and as for the mess I bet I top that I have 2 girls, and 2 dogs talk about mess. :) but I wouldn't change the mess or lived in look for a spotless show room house.

    I can't wait to see all your progress.

    LOVE your floors.

    and thanks for your comment on cooking up lasting memories. My husband and girls are meat eaters (girls are less and less meat eaters but he thinks meat needs to be with all 3 meals) but I'm vegan so I'm a short order cook sometimes but it all works out.

  2. Your house has so much character I love it! It will be so much fun for you and your hubby to make the house completely your own. I really want to buy a fixer upper in the future so I cannot wait to see all your updates!

  3. WOW! Your house looks did such a good job! And i agree, fixer upper's have so much charm :)

  4. Thanks guys! It is pretty fun to work on, I love picking out the little details.

  5. I think this makes all your work so much better...seeing the REAL before makes the after much more dramatic and satisfying.

  6. So glad things are coming along! You room looks beautiful!

    It also reminds me that I've been a bad blogger and need to share my before/after pics! =/

    Happyw weekend! :)

  7. Love your honest post. Hope you're enjoying your weekend. :)

  8. Hannah, I agree. So glad we have the pictures to compare when all is said and done!

    Ana- Thank you! I want to see your picturs! I seriously am always googling before/after for pictures of rooms.

    Iradis, Thank you : )

  9. Emma, your house is looking AWESOME. Love the kitchen and love the bedroom. Keep up the good work, dear!


  10. Stopping over from Life blessons... really enjoyed your guest post. You captured your house really well...

  11. Your home has loads of potential and space! I just purchased a South Carolina Real Estate property and I absolutely love the roominess of it. Also, having a fixer upper can be fun! It's a way of letting your creativity show. Good luck and have a happy holiday!


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