Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Living Well On Less: Emma's Dilemma With Coupons

Coupons...Oh, Coupons
Why I don't use them often. And other days, I do:

1) Rock on to the Shelf Clearing Coupon Queens (or Kings): I promise that I will never clear a shelf. There have been countless times when I am grocery shopping, see a killer bargain (with or without a coupon), and immediately grab 10 products and throw them into my cart as though there's a stampede behind me waiting to get in on the action. If you see me do this, take the time to watch me for the next five minutes (if you have the time). I can guarantee you that I will loop back into the aisle with the bargain and sheepishly replace the product. Probably because I've realized that I really don't need whatever it is. Most of the things I would want to clear the shelves over *like dried beans* rarely advertise coupons.  If you see one, send it to me. I'll send you some soaked beans in return.

2) I lose those flimsy things.

3) If I look at a coupon long enough, there's a good chance I'll begin to think that I need that product. Nine times out of ten, I don't. 

4) I don't get the newspaper. There are a few regular coupons out there that I like. The two that I ALWAYS see are for olivia's organics (however, olivia is getting sneaky)  and truvia. And I love both products, so I will use these coupons. But I print them out. From swagbucks:


I like swagbucks. Each time you use a coupon that you print out, you get 10 swagbucks. Right now, I have enough for $25 to Amazon. That's pretty darn cool. Click the above link to sign up, it's free!

Like I've said before in different posts, my 'secret' to saving is cooking. That's really it. Sometimes it's a pain in the butt, and sometimes I really don't feel like it, but it really is worth it. And so when I do find coupons for yeast, truvia, or olivia's, I will use them. Other than that, I just watch for sales on canned diced tomatoes/tofu/nuts/coffee like a hawk. Ehh...hawk might not be the best description. Like a lucky hawk, rather.

So if I'm using a coupon, I probably printed it out. These sites are good, and I give them two thumbs up...so give 'em a try if you haven't already:


Do you coupon? Or do you find that there's not a lot of coupon action out there for yourself? Raise your hand if you want a 50 cents off per pound of organic apples....those bad boys are pricey.

Any advice for a coupon novice like myself? I'd appreciate any and all help!


  1. none I don't use them since none of my stores allow printed coupons and we never buy the sunday paper.

    I wish they did allow printer coupons it would help save some money!

  2. I try to use them, but honestly, most of the stuff I find coupons for I try not to buy. I've gone very "raw"-ish... so the coupons for cookies or crackers (gluten free, too...) don't really help me much.

    I totally agree- I'd love a coupon or five for fruits and veggies.

    And the Bob's Mills gluten free bread mix. Mmm..

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I'll check the websites out :)


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