Sunday, September 25, 2011

Eating Well v1: Rinse and Reuse

I could easily spend an entire paycheck at the store each week. Sometimes I make excuses to go to Whole Foods when I really don't need to. Luckily, Brett is quite good at knowing when we really do need to, and when I'm just having WF hallucinations. (That alone probably saves us close to $1000 each year).But now that new school bills are looming in the very near future But now that we're living on one income-and we're living in our first HOME, it's time to get serious. And since I couldn't find many $60 meal plans that were healthy, delicious and vegetarian, I decided that I would create my own. Armed with three $20 bills, we will eat. And we will eat well.

Can I just say...this whole school and eating right thing is a lot harder than it looks. This past week was particularly rough for other reasons, but I need to get back on track because hint o' lime chips aren't doing much for me...nutritionally speaking, that is.

Also, I'm restyling Eating Well. Rather than dates, it's versions. I have no solid reasoning other than I think that I like 'versions' better. Y'know, v1, v2. It just looks more technical and savvy, and that's really what I'm all about. Technical and savvy. That's me.

You know.

Anyway, like I said...this eating right/living at school/inthecar thing is difficult. It's definitely doable, but it's tricky. There's plenty of this:

''This'' is a lid to a pot that I used more than once. For rice...and..for...pasta? So, at least they're similar. It's not like I'm cooking raw meat one day and alfredo sauce the next. I did rinse the pot...I just...well. I'll be honest. I didn't want to wash it. So I didn't. And I'm still here, and I'm fine. So. I'll probably do it again.

Did I just gross anyone out? It sounds like I'm more worried about justifying it to myself. But  I think I'm cool with it.

Anyway, this is what we spent: 58.97

And this is what we're eating:

breakfasts: peanut butter toast and fruit or berry smoothies

lunches: leftovers or salads with tofurkey and fruit

-pizza on homemade dough
-seitan cutlets, mashed potatoes, veggies and salad
-two bean chili with rustic bread
-tofu and broccoli over brown rice
-pasta with salad
-tomato basil burgers on rustic bread with veggies

Am I alone on this dish washing reduction method? Speak up!

Share your link if you post what you eat! I love new ideas!

Eat well! 



  1. I do the exact same thing! Unless I put the lids in the dishwasher they just get rinsed... Or put away.

  2. Yes, I do the same thing. I justify the quick rinse by thinking that we're saving dish liquid. ;)

  3. my friend rarely washes the pasta strainer. so you didn't gross me out :)

    you amaze me and I need to be more like you on the total, my goal will be 100, since we are a family of 4 and I will start next trip this coming friday. :) wish me luck.

    how was the seitan? I've never had it. have you tried gardein? I love their stuff :) great for those on the go meals.

    gidgetnfroggi (twitter)

  4. Jason is the primary dishwasher, since (if left to my own devices) I will totally pull the rinse&reuse stunt. However, I have heard that rice will go bad really quickly at room temperature. So... at least you're "boiling the pot clean?" haha : )


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