Friday, November 12, 2010

Roo and Melon

Roo wants to be friends with Melon so badly. She tries so hard. She sits where Melon sits. She plays with catnip, she tries and tries to convince Melon that they would have the best of times together. If only Melon would give her the time of day....

*ignore my baby talk at the end. thanks.*

Happy Friday!


  1. That is the saddest and also most hilarious thing! POOR ROO! She is such a good sport! Being a teacher, this reminds me of the book "Poor Puppy." It is about a dog who is convinced that Kitty is his best friend. In his dream, he dreams about ALL THE FUN STUFF they could do together. It's really sad/cute. You should google it and read it to Roo (haha). P.S. I love the name Melon. My friend has a cat named Lemon which is funny...maybe Lemon and Melon could ACTUALLY be friends...

  2. Oh my gosh!!!! Too funny! It is sad/hilarious. And since I am the type of person that holds conversations with my animals, I will absolutely read the book to her.

  3. Hi Emma! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog last week. I would absolutely love your chili recommendation. I have gathered some recipes but haven't tried them yet--and I've found that the recipes I get from people I actually know are always the best. If you get a chance, please do pass it along. (Or even turn it into a blog post!!) Thanks again :) Hope your weekend is going well!

  4. I'll do the chili post tomorrow, great idea!


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