Monday, November 15, 2010


Like the woman in the picture, I also share a passion for looking flawless and sassy day in and day out. That's not right. Actually, fixing my hair means pulling it back into a low messy-bun. On an ambitious day, I'll straighten the front pieces that fall forward. It's just...I don't have time to do the rest. It's quite a bit of work and really, I would rather be doing something else. But when I do fix my hair with a decent amount of effort, it feels great. I love that feeling. You just feel so put together and ready to handle anything.

The thing is, I get up relatively early- so I should be able to spend a bit of time throwing myself together. On average, I'm up by 6:30. Seven being my latest and five thirty being my go-getter days. But today, this day, I'm pressing the restart button. I'm setting the clock for 5.

I'm beating my best time and I'm committing to it for at least one week. This new start time will allow me the chance to get everything done, including my hair. (I'm not saying I'll straighten it each day, I mean, come on. But I'll attempt to make it look presentable)

On my regular days of waking up at 6:30, I would try and accomplish a list of things before 9 A.M. Sometimes, I would get 75% of my to do list done. Other times *most times*, I would knock off two things, think about how there wasn't enough time to accomplish the remaining list, and then spend the rest of the morning trying to come up with a solution for the next day (lots of lists around my house).

So my plan is five. And my goals are as follows:

(Watch out. This is a list)

1) Make breakfast for the two of us
2) Chores (make bed, clean up kitchen, sweep, laundry, cat box, wipe down bathroom surfaces, tidy up)
3) Read one day-per day- of the one year Bible reading plan.
4) Walk Roo
5) Post here
6) Gym
7)  Get ready (whether or not it's a work day)


All before 9 A.M.

To take care of as much as possible, to feel ready to take on whatever the day may have in store, and to cure that inner sense of frump when only 1/30th of my hair is fixed.

And for motivation, I bought this really cool coffee mug to carry around with me.

 I'm thinking it will really give me that extra kick.

Here's to feeling a lot more ready and a bit less frump-ish.

Possibly wearing mascara today,


  1. I hear ya, Emma!
    I've been toying with the idea of getting up an hour earlier and hitting the gym in the morning before work, rather than in the evenings. Maybe tomorrow!

  2. I remembered today how much I LOVE coming home and knowing I already worked out. Now I can just eat. :) Good luck getting up!!!


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