Wednesday, August 3, 2011

She Got Married, Too: Drea

I love reading about other couples. I love getting a
sneak peak into their lives and seeing how they make their situation work. Some would say that I'm nosy. Which I'm fine with. Because enough people were open enough to take me up on this guest poster series and answer with honesty, heart, and humor.
Enjoy :)

Names: Drea and Pax (the HOT one)

Ages: 22 and 25

I live in: Orem, UT

Do you blog? (Where can we find you?) About what? Of course! My blog is and I blog about art, love, God, and the journey! Oh, and we're having a baby in October so you might read a little about that, too!

What do YOU do? At the moment I'm pouring most of my time into my new Etsy shop ( I recently left working full time, which was kind of a surprise, but it's been really nice to just have some time to focus on me and things that I'm passionate about. I am looking for a part-time job, but I really look forward to stay-at-home-mommyhood.

What does HE/SHE do? My husband works for a company called Security Metrics. He's the head of their training department in Support and really loves the company. He's been there just over a year. He's also going to school which is crazy.

How long have you been married? Ummm.... 10 months? It'll be a year in August.

How did you meet? We met at church! Hah. Our church has special wards designed just for young single adults so we can mingle and date. I was just going to the ward because they had a missionary prep class which I was attending and my friends were in the ward. I was scheduled to leave on a mission for my church (for 18 months) in June and Pax worked his romancin' magic and that didn't happen. We got married in August instead.

What do you argue about the most? If we argue it's usually because one of us (usually me) is being stubborn and won't swallow our pride while discussing something. A lot of the time it's completely useless! There may be a tiff or two about the excess of video games in our home, too. But I'm learning. ;)

Do you have kids? If not, are you planning on them anytime soon? Weeellll, we weren't planning on having kids for a couple of years, but you know how that works out. I'm pregnant with our first and expect to see him/her in October. (We're finding out on the 13th of June whether it's  little man or lady!)

No kids? Dogs? Cats? They count. Names? I have been trying desperately to convince Pax that we need a dog/cat. He's more of a dog person, so hopefully we'll be able to get a puppy soon. We'll see.

Who cooks the most? It used to be solely his responsibility because we both worked full-time. I cleaned, did laundry, etc. He was the chef. He's an excellent cook. But now that I'm home more, I've been cooking more. Again, I'm learning!

Who cleans the most? Me. Me. Me. Pax's office is very neat and organized, but when it comes to general cleaning and organizing, he doesn't help out much. lol. He generally comes home straight from work and starts on his heinous load of homework. 

Where do you see yourselves in five years? Hopefully in a bigger house and hopefully with only one or two kids. Haha. I'm really crossing my fingers on that.

If you could give an engaged couple any advice (assuming they asked for it), what would it be?
Be patient with yourself and your significant other. The first year is or can be rough. Learn to swallow your pride and love learning together. The incredible growth you will experience if you can do those things together will make you far better friends/companions than you ever imagined.


  1. So cool! Thanks for including me, Emma!!

  2. I looove Mrs. Snark! So fun seeing those wedding photos, too : ) You guys are such a good-lookin' pair. & that wedding dress... WOW. LOVE.

  3. Thanks for doing the post, Drea!

    I love her blog, too. She's pretty great. And yes..makes me wish I went for a tea length wedding dress.


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