Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Eating Well Round Up!

I could easily spend an entire paycheck at the store each week. Sometimes I make excuses to go to Whole Foods when I really don't need to. Luckily, Brett is quite good at knowing when we really do need to, and when I'm just having WF hallucinations. (That alone probably saves us close to $1000 each year).But now that new school bills are looming in the very near future, it's time to get serious. And since I couldn't find many $60 meal plans that were healthy, delicious and vegetarian, I decided that I would create my own. Armed with three $20 bills, we will eat. And we will eat well.


There will be no menu this week, just confetti.

Over the past FOUR weeks, we have spent $204.85 on our groceries, for an average of $51.21 weekly!

Here is what made this possible:

-Sunday cook-fests on the busy weeks
-Coupons for things like Olivia's organics (through swagbucks) and yeast
-Sale on a tank of olive oil
-Mindful eating (Incredibly important)

-tea instead of expensive coffee ( good mugs help )

-homemade frozen treats on the hot days

I'll be back next week with a fresh menu and MUCH more. Rather than just our grocery bill, I'm going to take the transparency to a whole new level. I will be including a 'living well' bit, and everything but our housing expenses will be here for all to see.


  1. we didn't spend anything either this week. well we will go grocery shopping friday hoping to cut back on expenses we will see.

    LOVE tea over coffee any day :) very cute mug :)

  2. Aw, thanks! I do love my elephant mug : ). Good luck on Friday!

  3. oh fun!! I have started 'couponing' recently....so fun looking for deals....I have dubbed monday mornings my new shopping days as I have found everyone in my area steals all the good stuff early on in the week lol


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