Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blog Love with Pictures (and a hot tub).

I would run, but I'm sore. So I won't. Maybe I will. I'm tough.
I would post a fitness blog, but I'm not gonna do it. Because I'd rather eat this.

I'm going to. Wish me luck. My mumma is going to run with me on a new trail in Newburyport. And since she's on vacation, and I have this week mostly off- we're going to soak in the neighbors' hot tub afterwards. I am very. very. excited. She'd like for you to visit this lovely lady.

This is our bathroom. Well. Part of it. Can you spot the item that was given to us as a gift- that I don't have the heart to give away? The Lettered Cottage is where I really want to be when it comes to design. Some day!

I love you for reading. Have a beautiful day, and if you have some wonderful food/fitness/dog/design blogs to share, please do!


  1. I wish I had some fitness-y things to say.
    Actually, here I go:
    I am sitting in my shorts, t-shirt, and sneakers, trying to muster up the will power to do a workout DVD before leaving for work...

    Ugh. Trying.

  2. Oh my goodness. fitness dvds are the best. I almost always end up eating something on the couch while I watch. hahahaha- at least we have good intentions.

  3. No worries, I did it. Is it bad that I was thinking about using my new bread maker the whole time??

  4. What a cute pup!
    I am missing the fitness motivation today... have fun!
    xo C.

  5. Oh, a hot tub sounds so good right now! And seriously. The Lettered Cottage pretty much rules the school! (Your bathroom looks so fun! Love the curtain.)

  6. @Chiara- thank you!!! :)

    @ Farmgirl- doesn't it??!

    and thanks for curtain compliment, that's as far as my sewing skills will take me. :)

  7. Oh how I miss our old hot tub! Thanks for the sweet comment! Love the paint color in your bathroom! :)


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