Sunday, November 28, 2010

Season's Greetings!

When I was younger and still lived at home, I loved getting holiday cards from relatives and family friends. I thought it was just wonderful getting all different letters and photos from people wishing us a happy holiday season. My Mom would tape them in the doorways for everyone to see, and that was probably my favorite decoration of all. After getting the first few cards in the mail, she would pick up a box of cards that she planned on sending out herself. But being as busy as she was, the box usually sat...and sat. And I would get frustrated... wishing I had her lovely handwriting so that I could send them out myself. But I didn't.

However. One of the many perks to getting married is that I am now able to send out *our own* holiday cards- with *our* name and picture. And that, I must admit, excites me a bit more than it probably should.


So when I heard from fellow blogger Carmen about Shutterfly's latest promotion-I post a blog about their holiday collection and in turn I get 50 cards to call my own-...I got even more excited.

Their designs range from retro to classic, colorful to simple, and everything in between. It's quite easy- you type in your names, drop in your family photo- and the rest is pretty much done for you. With the folded style card, you have the option of typing up a message for your recipients in their customizing stage.

Here are our favorites...and I really don't know how we'll decide.

We're going with the flat card style- and I'll write a short, handwritten message on the back to personalize it a bit. 

If you like these designs, check out Shutterfly's Holiday Card Selection.

And, if you're a blogger, and you'd like to find out how you can get some holiday cards of your own, go here!


  1. I am so infatuated with Christmas cards! Chad doesn't see the point, but he's promised to open up his mind a little bit :)
    We picked up our cards yesterday. I'd LOVE to do picture cards..but I think since I convinced him to do cards we'll start simple.

  2. Found you on 20sb! Love your blog! Happy Holidays <3

  3. Oh how awesome! I love Christmas (and any holiday) cards too!

    For a while, Jen and I have wanted to take a picture of the two of us together with our kitty Wedge, all in Christmas apparel. ^_^

    I'm visiting from 20sb!

  4. Janelle- They're just wonderful. Just wonderful. Good idea with baby steps. Brett was unsure of them at first as well, but we took a funny group picture of us with our cat and rat (who is no longer alive, so no more rats in our cards), and that made him more open to the idea of sending them out. I'll have to post that picture. It's cute.

    Christy- Thank you! I love your blog as well! Great idea, I just became a follower!

    Angela- Aren't they great? Your idea would be hilarious. I always think they're much more enjoyable when there's a bit of humor involved. If Wedge is anything like our cats, Melon and Hank, good luck getting Christmas gear on them! I'd love to see the picture if you end up doing it!


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