Monday, November 8, 2010

Family Dinner Night

So over here in our neck of the woods, we're really busy. And that sometimes leaves little time for our friends.

A few months ago, on a hot summer night, a couple of friends came over with all the fixings for a home cooked meal and made dinner with us. It was perfect. Casual. Relaxed. Low-key. Fun. Easy. I didn't have to straighten my hair or change my outfit nine times.  We were comfortable and it made for such a great night.

We didn't have to figure out any tipping calculations (because I can be honest and admit that I'm not always bringing my mathematical a-game to the olive garden...or anywhere, for that matter).

It was something so simple that we had never thought to do before. We just had a great time, and it was something that we all wanted to do again.

Time flies, and here we are in the early days of November. I want to do our little family dinner night again, and so it is time to do it. With the accountability of my little blog, and my e-mail invitation all ready to be sent, I am ready to incorporate this wonderful special routine into our (every other) week.

To make it easy and cheap on everyone, we're doing a pizza potluck. Everyone brings one or two ingredients, and we build them together. I think it sounds great, and hopefully it will be. I'm sure it will be. I'll let you know.

If you want to come, come! If you live far away, well, someday maybe you'll make it. Or perhaps you'll start your own family dinner night rather than embarrassing yourself with your phone's tip calculator. (If you're suave and do that business in your head, we need to chat. Kidding.)

Here's to filling up your dinner table with friends and family! (Even if only once every other week!)

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